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AC3200 with FreshTomato and XT8

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New Around Here
I'm currently using an AC3200 with FreshTomato and picked up an XT8 set on a decent sale. My original plan was to Tomato to be the main router and the XT8 as APs, but I'm not sure if that's going to even gain me anything over just using the XT8s with Merlin. Sadly, I hadn't looked up firmwares for this set as I didn't imagine that they would come to mesh systems, but it looks like I was wrong on that.

I do have a number of old smart devices that really like the 2.4ghz with 20mhz width and nothing else. Unless they play nice on a mesh system somehow, I may want to keep the AC3200 around for that if nothing else.

I know that AiMesh doesn't work for the AC3200, but is there some configuration that makes use of all three nodes?
The AC3200 is still a great router and is working great. I would hate to not take advantage of it.

Thank you

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