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After some research I have the impression that my problem has not been documented, but feel free to redirect me if I'm wrong (my first language not being English, I may have missed it).

I have a RT AC5300 on last Merlin update, I use two links, but initially I will concentrate on my 4G link, which will become my main link if I can solve my problem.

I think my 4G router (Huawei B818-263) has a few micro outages during the day, in itself this is not a problem, except that my AC5300 router is handling it very badly, I have to reboot it to get the link working properly again.
When I rebooted, everything worked perfectly.

I use a lot of scripts (amtm), and I tried to disable them just in case (except the Skynet firewall), same problem.

I also schedule a reboot every day at 4am, but when I get home from work my connection is almost always down.

I mention this in passing, but setting up dual WAN (OEM or with Dual WAN Failover Script) did not solve the problem, so I think it's best to focus on the stability of a link before mentioning other problems.

Do you have a preferred configuration for connecting to a 4G router? With a VDSL connection I have had no problems with disconnection, my router has worked for months without any problems.

Thank you in advance for your clarification, feel free to ask me if I have forgotten any important details

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