AC5300 upgrade to 386.2_2 2.4Ghz radio not working


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Hey all,

yesterday I upgraded (nuclear reset and M&M config) my AC5300 to 386.2_2, but since the upgrade the 2.4Ghz radio works for some time and then just stops working.
This means, first I have an extremely high ping to When I switch to the 5Ghz radio (which works fine), I cannot even reconnect to the 2,4Ghz.

The temps are:
Legend: 2.4 GHz - 5 GHz - CPU
Current Temperatures: 50 °C - 55 °C - 71 °C

There are no USB devices connected and I didn't load any backups (JFFS, configs, etc.) after the flash.

Any help is appreciated, since most of my devices at home only support 2,4Ghz :(



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The log of the router is also spammed...

Btw, please let me know, if I can provide any more information that could help!


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Kanchan Ray

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I am having the same problems with GT-AC5300 (f/w - the devices in 2.4GHz can't access internet after a few days - have to reboot the router. Have not changed ANYTHING recently - the problem started just like that. Have done a reset and running pretty much default options. Any pointers? The 5GHz has no issues at all.


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Anyone found solutions for this? i am also having issues with some devices on 2.4gHz where some are unable to detect the others...


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Hi all
on a RT-AC88U I have the same (or a very similar) problem.

There's one think I noticed, though. Three days ago I manually chose a control channel instead of using "Auto", and, so far, it's stable.

For me this also started happening when I upgraded to 386.3_2


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Same here 2.4GHz on my AC86u not working anymore cant even connect to it.

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