ac66u freeze


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Goodnight, I have an ac66u router and about 1 year ago, I upgraded the internet service to 500mb down and 100up and exchanged a router for fibergateway (router operator)
I configured router operator for lan 4 bridge mode, and connect port wan ac66u , where I have all the equipment connected
It turns out that I had already noticed that the net blocked for a few seconds, then it came back, but it happened when I used a torrent and I didn't turn it on.

Now I noticed that when downloading iso 6gb and getting youtube 4k at the same time the internet stops hangs moments (10s) and start again . So hard reset and I put the last firmware and it didn't work. Asus recovery on install asus merlin, latest version 380.70 . This time I didn't make settings or activate anything. Just make a transfer of a 5gb file and at the same time put a 4k youtube video and the network goes down, and sometimes it takes a while and the router restarts.

On the operator router I don't have any problems.


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Welcome to the forums @dio123.

Running such an old firmware is not a good idea if you want your network as secure as possible.

Look into the @john9527 RMerlin fork instead for an infinitely more secure experience and more than likely better performance too.


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