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Hi all,

Hoping someone can help me out as I'm usually quite clued up with internet setups but I've moved house to a total not-spot. 1.3mb DSL, no fiber etc.

So I bought a cheap Vodafone MiFi R218H box, it works but not good enough for gaming a (particularly if Netflix is on) I cant seem to get it working with my router as a usb dongle (it works plug and play with pc over usb though).

Anyway I'm wondering if there is a recommended usb dongle or a way to get it working.. Im only getting 10mb down with it at the moment and jittery latency so I'm open to making some changes but I really don't know where to start. Should I be looking at something with external antennas, a full 4g router or something that just does a modem and puts out to ethernet.. I'm happy to spend a little if it will make it significantly better but want bang for my buck really so what should I be looking into? I've read about cat 4 cat 11 etc but not sure how to find out if masts in my area would even support?

Sorry for the wall of text I'm just confused!



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