AC68U/AC67 AIMesh 2.0 - Echo Dot, EX2700 issues?

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Decided to take the plunge with a mesh system based on my AC68U, running 384.18. Bought AC1900 (2x AC67) and they cam with software installed, so thought probably a good idea to go with AIMesh2.0.
Upgraded main router to 386.1 directly. Uneventful but slow to build DB, and now using a lot of NVRam despite clearing out fixed IP allocations from DHCP (c 3k spare). Linked to AIMesh perfectly without problems, and most devices came across without issue, although despite rebooting a fair few they still locked to the original weak strength node (DHCP lease time?). I was able to move them fairly easily using the command console and the link icon.
Two devices cause me problems.
Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation - will not connect to either node via Alexa Android setup, although happily connects to a Huawei 4G router (separate). Other Amazon devices (fair few Fire TV/sticks), smart plug, harmony hub etc all seem quite happy - even 3rd generation Echo Dot and Echo Show. Tried multiple times including deregistering and factory reset..
Netgear Wireless EX2700 set up in repeater mode for dark corner of old cottage with thick stone walls. Used to work perfectly. Now connects and can access AC68U console, DHCP works etc. However no Internet access? Another cheap router on the end of a bridge link to a hacked TPlink router running DDWRT works fine.
Few odd messages in log as well?
Feb 3 18:46:37 kernel: 54:E6:FC:DB:80:FB not mesh client, can't update it's ip
Feb 3 18:46:37 kernel: AC:3A:7A:4F:53:55 not mesh client, can't update it's ip
Feb 3 18:46:37 kernel: subnet.229 already exist in UDB, can't add it
Anyone have any suggestions?


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I have had issues with DOTs. A couple of suggestions:

1. Be sure you are not routing them to use a VPN tunnel.
2. Try to force them to connect to the 2.4 Ghz WiFi on the nearest AP by setting the wireless mac filter to accept. This option is available on my AP but I don't know if this is an option on mesh node.)


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Thanks. Updated the firmware on both and reset via factory. Both seem to be working correctly now.
Turns out the bridge mode router is the one generating the "not mesh client, can't update it's ip" message. To be investigated...
And its now complaining that ".195 is used by someone else, can't use it" - however no such address exists in the network map or DHCP lease table. Odd.

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