AC68U LAN wake-on-lan for Plex server


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I have an Intel NUC8 as my Plex server, and I'm trying to get it to automatically WOL on network requests to its IP on the Plex port (32400 IIRC). I had expected it would work like my NAS and be able to wake on any request but found I need to do some customization.

I have an ASUS RT-AC68U running the latest ASUS firmware and have been able to wake the server via the router's Wake-On-Lan page, so the server is configured correctly to wake on WOL packets.

I've used Merlin firmware in the past, so I checked the site and found describing how to use the Internet to wake-on-lan. However, I actually just want to automatically WOL on internal network requests. The script is checking dmesg output for firewall messages for the target IP/port, but if I don't have the firewall configured to pass through port 9 to my Plex server I'm guessing it won't work. Wondering if there's a way to set this up just for intranet traffic on my 192.168.1.x network?

Anyone configured this?


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I finally figured out the problem. Somehow during install I must have accidentally set my network to "Public" and wake on lan doesn't work unless the network type is "Private". Changed the network type and it is not waking as expected.

Still having all sorts of problems with the Intel NUC going unresponsive, I suspect a BSOD related to the video driver or SSD, and would not recommend Intel products based on this experience. But the Wake On Lan seems to be working fine, as long as the system is not hung...

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