AC78U as OpenVPN client with routing into internal network?

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New Around Here
Hey there,

I have got the following problem:

I have got an OpenVPN server on the internet (hosted by my self - changes are possible) and successfully connected my router (ASUS RT-AC87U, asuswrt-merlin 384.13_10 ) as a client. Furthermore, I connected my phone as a client. Now I want to connect to Raspberry Pi in my local network.
local network:
vpn network:

I do not want to route any traffic from local network through vpn, except route back a vpn client which is connecting to a local device.

I tried to connect from my phone to a local device I configured the router as follows:


I also configured my OpenVPN server:

file ccd/asus :


I added the following lines to openvpn.conf :
######## allow client communication
client-config-dir ccd
push "route"

as per

I can see the following in the logs:

vpn_1     | Sat Jan  2 00:02:52 2021 MULTI: Learn: -> asus/
vpn_1     | Sat Jan  2 00:07:42 2021 rpi/ MULTI: Learn: -> asus/

Clients are able to communicate within (ping works), but not between the two subnets.
Could someone tell me what I configured wrong?

I already asked this question in a german forum, but without helpful answer:

Thank you! :)

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