[AC86U 386.3.2] VPN Speeds Slower than Before -> Culprit seems to be AiProtection


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I recently upgraded my Internet speed to Xfinity Gigabit and my speeds are:
950Mbps Lan , 650Mbps 5ghz

My Setup is (two AC86U)
Router - Merlin FW - 386.3.2
AIMesh Node (Ethernet Backhaul 1Gbps) - Latest Asus Firmware

ExpressVPN/NordVPN Speeds are (500Mbps on Lan) on a i7 PC.

I had not done a speed test on AC86U recently but previously I used to get about 150-180Mbps when connecting to those VPNs on AC86U, since upgrading to Gigabit and latest Merlin with Director, the speeds on VPN are around 50-70Mbps... w/o changing any servers/ciphers, etc.

Today I thought to turn off AiProtection to test, and speeds went back to around 150Mbps...

Known issue in AIP causing this slowdown ? (I don't use QoS)



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So this issue wasn't related to f/w at all but a server issue. It seems all US based Servers around me are slow. Switching to Canadian servers solved it for me and back at 180Mbps w/ VPN.

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