Ac86u Help! Refused connection multiple devices


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Hi Colin that makes sense to me a lot.
Sorry for long post but have to post something soon editing and reediting again.

You are probably correct about it all.
Tbh I was getting a bit fed up of failure.
I know whatever network I was on last time it loaded but didn't log in.

Anyway thanks I tried again and after yet another reset and on Asus SSID it loaded in certain browsers.

Hopefully will stay like this now but could use help on possibly:-
Why it may not be logging into PC browsers wirelessly? Less importantly chrome on other devices though would be useful as chrome is my primary browser on PC as it's old and is only one that works in vista that loads YouTube vids.

As last time when temporarily "fixed" it loaded in most browsers eventually including chrome not on PC still.

Could I ask please when you asked me to change password and apply settings what did that do?
Did this actually "fix" something or was it just checking things were set up properly.
Was there anything I did differently in particular?

You could be right about the pods/ VM network changing as I think I was in another room and maybe logged on to stronger signal.

I have done speed comparisons at the moment the Asus is half the VM speed with both on in same room.
Obviously this isn't accurate without disabling the VM WiFi.

It was a while ago now can't quite remember but I may have briefly tested Asus and VM.
Think speed was similar and range better but short memory.
Used to get 11mb/s at first on 2.4g with VM. Hence buying the Asus.
Cant remember exactly and whether that downgrade that actually sped up VM may have helped.
It is gradually slowing again now.

If I'm honest I think I bought the wrong model Asus. Was influenced by others needs. Some things I stupidly didn't consider.
I realise I could have put a better suited Asus router under the TV unit if it fit. 86u is tall n not ideal behind TV like VM hub.
Had to be out the way/ not distracting others.
Was torn between the different Asus models maybe the ax56u 58u 82u or ac88u may have been better they may have fit ok.

I always saw such amazing speed/range figures and reviews from the 86u when researching online best buys etc.
Not experienced that "yet" but haven't had chance to find optimum settings maybe and have seen others have found similar issues at first. Does it get more stable over time?

I really wanted to know what I had done to avoid future mishaps anyway and have a partial answer thanks to you so if you have any thoughts about the PC browsers?
I would appreciate it as I have for everything else you helped with. Thankyou.

I could unplug the pods etc. Test properly.
Just hope it won't mess pods up. Like last time I changed a hub setting maybe mode/channel.
They require certain settings on(I know what they are including what they don't tell you) but are sensitive.
VM set them back up again last time which was an ordeal through departments. They are supposed to be literally plug in and work
I don't want to be a coward afraid of turning WiFi on or off or rebooting a hub just in case they don't work again (if I need to go back)
Anyway thanks please answer what you can. Regards Craig

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