AC86U issues such as not able to make a repeater etc

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New Around Here
Hi all, and bear with me, as first time poster here.

I am in France where we use Orange; it comes with its own combined phone and wifi (Livebox). I run a B&B and want to:
  1. Extend wifi with the AC68U
  2. Have guestes log in using the Facebox wifi login page
Both of these should be possible, but my AC68U is not playing ball.

I've managed to get in and when I go to Admin there is no Operations tab for me to start setting up a repeater,
BUT this maybe due to the fact I have not got the router connected to the internet, which I can't do as I need the Orange Livebox connected
How can I get around this issue, and if I can mabe I can create a repeater/AP for me to then route people as guest network to Facebook page.

I have upgraded the firmware and also factory restored, so we are working with a clean modem.
Welcome any thoughts.
Many thanks in advance

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