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i have an ac86u and when i try to scan from the machine to any pc connected to asus the machine wont detect it.
the asus is in AP mode and different ssid than the main router

i can only see pcs that are connected o the main router, why?

Previously i have a dlink which works fine

fw updated


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i have one SSID on the main router(isp) and Asus as AP with another SSID( is the same but ended with ext) so i can figure out wich router i'm connected to.
But with dlink extender this works fine i change to asus due to better wireless coverage.
Still not working with asus :S


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My temporary fix was turning on hp wifi direct and every time you want to print/scan connect to it .

Hp printers say the support dual bands but in my case it only connects to 2.4 ghz and most of my devices connects to 5 ghz , I will try to create 2.4 ghz and connect the printer and my and pc to it and test


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i'm only on 2.4 but this just happend with asus.
Previously i have a dlink extender that works fine


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Best way to access printer is to address reserve it in router. Set up printer software on each device, right click printer...printer properties and set up a tcp/ip connection to it by ip address assigned. Assuming it is a wireless printer of course. It will never fail you this method.


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I name it "manual" then next put in ip. You will be "add port" select "standard tcp/ip"
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