AC86U WiFi Radio Schedule: no internet connection after WiFi radio switched back on

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Hi there!

I've been running a schedule to shut down both 2.4 and 5GHz radio's during the night. The router is just under my young kids' bedrooms and I'm paranoid about radio signals.

The radio's are scheduled to switch back on at 6am which they do. But approx 30-50% of the time, when the radio's come back on, they have no internet. Internet remains stable throughout through wired LAN.

A reboot gets it working again - but that's disruptive to continue.

Any ideas to help me get to the bottom of this?

I'm running Merlin and Diversion and have checked for updates.



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Are you also shutting off all the WiFi devices throughout the house that connect to the router? They are all transmitting and trying to reconnect all night long so I'm not sure you're significantly reducing the amount of radiation if, indeed, that's important to you particularly if it's one floor away. Putting that aside, if the radios come back on at 6AM, just enable the Reboot Scheduler to automatically reboot.


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Hi brobin. Thats a great point about the clients attempting to reconnect.
And good advice on the reboot.

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