AC88U 386.1_2 (latest) causes lags and freezes

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Aaron Macsik

New Around Here
Hi there!

I've got a problem with the latest AsusMerlin firmware.

After I flashed it, I did not (yet) make a factory reset.

I have great lag spikes in games around every 5-10 minutes, and when watching a movie over LAN, it usually (like 80% of the time) the playback freezes and hangs every 40minutes for about 10-15 secs. No, it's not my PC.

My question is, should I expect this hanging/freezing/lagging problem to go away if I factory reset, and then reapply manually all my settings?

If you think it won't really help, I guess the best way to just downgrade to the latest firmware I had no problems with.

Thanks for your help,
Have a good one


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The firmware is not the issue as it has proven to work excellently for many. The configuration, network environment, and/or interaction from the old firmware/variables is the issue here (as usual).

Without knowing what your network consists of and what specific loads make it fail, it is hard to say if a full reset will help or not without doing other steps too. Definitely not recommended to manually (or via a saved backup config file) re-apply, 'all', settings either though. The new firmware is an opportunity to not 'blindly' use or put in old options, features, or scripts that worked 'once upon a time' in older firmware.

I would suggest the WPS Button reset method applicable as shown in the link below.

[Wireless] ASUS router Hard Factory Reset | Official Support | ASUS Global

Then, get the router/network stable by following the suggestions in the link below.

Best Practice Update/Setup Router/AiMesh Node(s) 2021

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