AC88U - 386.7_2 - WAN bandwith monitor does not show devices on VPN


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Hi, new to merlin and i moved in because it brings so much customization to the Asus router. Mainly to check the bandwith and data traffic.
However i can't see the bandwidth from one of the clients which is using a VPN on their side (not in the ASUS software) , i can't see any bandwidth used by the device.
So while other clients show the bandwidth being used this one (a NAS) shows none at all although I am sure it is using some (testing by downloading files) .

This wasn't happening in the stock version, the NAS was showing the bandwidth used with no issues. I did reset to factory and set everything up from scratch.

Is this like a known issue? Not showing the bandwidth of devices connected by a vpn?


New Around Here
Ah apparently the Bandwidth monitor works fine if the VPN is started *after* the asus router is up. If the router is restarted while the system is connected by cable it kinda missed the VPN traffic.

So i would say this question is solved.

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