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AC88U / AC68U - VLAN --> ISP

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I have an Internet provider (telecom) that requires VLAN 7. (see example on a DSL-AC68U)
Where can I set this on an AC88U or an AC68U. (Merlin doesn't offer that either)
Without this setting I get no internet connection.

cu HU



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You will have to use a DSL modem to get your connection established. Set up the modem on bridge mode then connect the Asus RT-AC88U or TR-AC68U.


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I found this all over the internet:

"It was important: for the PPPoE option, activate "Special requirements of the Internet provider" -> "Manual" and here VLAN (VID) :=7, Prio := 0 was then automatic."

However I have this error message:
pppd[6346]: In file /tmp/ppp/options.wan0: unrecognized option 'VLAN(VID)'

What must the correct syntax be?

cu HU



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I found it and don't want to withhold it from you.
It's a joke that you have hidden this setting below LAN -> IPTV.
This took me 5 hours today...


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