AC88U AiProtection tells me my NAS is infected, really?! How to dig into it?

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Hi gang,

I just upgraded my N66U and bought a second hand AC88U : Merlin, speed and AiProtection were the selling points...
(Fyi, I did try a Linksys 1900acs first but stock firmware is crap and I did not have the courage to learn OpenWrt/Lede.
The rock-solid N66U with 374 LTS John's fork should be turned into a media bridge but I'm working on it, not just there yet - no HW accelaration is my next step, after checking other posts...)

After some AC88U tweaking, DFS 5Ghz trouble, flashing 384.19 (from stock 384_81116) & resets - I am now tracking this message from AiProtection Two-Way intrusion :

3 hits every 15 minutes from my dlink old NAS even after stopping Transmission BT...

Is it a "false positive" as often?
How can I get detailed log, did you track such warning?

I know this DNS-320L NAS is outdated and not 100% secure anymore, but never thought it could get infected as I never opened it to outside networks... (Encrypted BT can get hackers knock at your door?!) Was I wrong?

Thanks again to Eric, John, L&LD and all other contributors for all their work, posts & help provided here,



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I don't want to state the obvious, but have you run a full malwarebytes with rootkits enabled and/or hitman pro scan accross your nas to see if it picks anything up ?


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Nope I did not indeed o_O, NAS only having media files, no executable.
And Linux flavor so anemic on DNS-320L: dual 1000mhz Marvell CPU 256 Mb RAM :p (less than wifi router, lol)

I'll try and run Sophos on it (2016 though is latest build) :


P.S. Found also some posts in the meantime /will dig into these... VPN, reset my NAS firmware? (/ditch it for a Synology), etc.

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