AC88U beta Version

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This beta is mainly a quick fix for the DNS masq vulnerability..... Anyone running this without issue? I'm usually hesitant on installing betas sure to the family working\schooling from home but this seems like an important thing to fix.

What say ye?



Regular Contributor
Thanks, I guess you are the only one running it. LoL
yeah - I guess he's the only one then :) ...I am still hesitate to install the beta until the beta lift-off :) ..maybe exiting Beta in May and I will definitely install the 4.386.41994 AC86U then...



Regular Contributor
Well I decided to try it out. So far it's fine.

Gregory Phillips

Senior Member
I don't have any complaints with it but am surprised that the final hasn't been released yet.


Occasional Visitor
No issues here either. The update from 41700 was fast and required no extra effort.

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