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New Around Here
Hi everyone, first post.

First question:

So I am having a new FTTH connection installed next week and they will be giving me a static IPv6 address (they do not run dual-stack apparently).

I have an RT-AC88U (new) and was looking at its options. There is a WAN and IPv6 page. According to the Asus FAQ, the WAN connection needs to be configured first but there is nowhere on the WAN page to enter a static IPv6 address, it only allows IPv4 as input.

So how do I configure the WAN connectivity for IPv6?

Second question:

So once I have the above setup, can I still just use IPv4 internally for my network with no issue? Example, WAN is IPv6 externally but everything on the home side of the router is IPv4 with no issues?
The above question was already a concern, but also as when looking at the Router config pages it also requres a IPv6 LAN address if I start configuring IPv6.

Thanks in advance

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