AC88U Link Aggregation with Netgear Managed switch and NAS

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I just got the AC88U, I have a Netgear GS116E switch and a QNAP NAS.

I'm trying to setup up Link Aggregation. The Switch Supports Static LAG as does my QNAP currently setup using Balance-XoR.

Now I'm trying to setup Link Aggregation between my new Router and the Managed Switch. Does the AC88U support Static LAG? I can only see an option to turn on Link Aggregation? I had it turned on at one point but I was having major network issues with getting some other devices to connect my router that are connect to the switch.

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Me again, If I have to get another switch to use LACP between the AC88U and a switch will a GS308T work? I need at leat 10 ports but I have an 8 port un-managed switch I can add to it.


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I ordered the S350 8 ports switch and will daisy chain with my 8 port un-managed switch.... I was hoping for some insight from owners.

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