AC88U - Max WiFi speed output?


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Hi Peeps,

As my first step towards better wireless I replaced my BT Smart Hub 2 with the AC88U running Merlin, it was only £60 and it was something I was happy to play around with while waiting to get an AX86U and see what an aftermarket router was like. I noticed a difference straight away, that being 600+Mb/s over wireless on my phone on a 5ghz band and better range. However, sometimes the speeds hover in the region of 330/410 and it appears to be when my kids are using the Internet as well but to check I've sometimes done speed tests and the occasional reboot followed by a speed test only to find they're back at 550/600Mbs until the other devices connect. So, is the AC wireless capped at around 600Mb/s or is this coincidence? My ethernet is always 960Mb so I would have expected the wireless to be able to maintain 600+


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back at 550/600Mbs until the other devices connect.

This is the maximum throughput shared between the clients and close to the router. Common AC clients are 2-stream, link speeds up to 866Mbps. Throughput expectation is about 1/2 the link speed, 550/600 is excellent. If your other devices are quiet and the Wi-Fi channel is clear, you can see this speed to single client. Your router works as expected. You'll have the same speeds with AX86U router, unless you upgrade your devices to AX.

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