AC88U mislabeled as an AX88U?? Did I get scammed?? (Pics)

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I thought I bought a used AX88U but the router arrived in a AC88U box. The hardware is all AC88U from the red coloring as opposed to the gold coloring on an AX, and the port configuration in the back is all AC. The WebGUI and firmware show that it's an RT-AC88U as well. But the LABEL on the bottom of the hardware shows AX6000 and RT-AX88U. I guess someone took the label from an AX88U and put it on this AC88U. The label placement is so perfect though and there's no signs of being lifted from another device and being stuck on this one. This has got to be an elaborate (or not so elaborate) scam right? Crazy.


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Maybe they swapped the pcboard inside the case. In any case, yes, sounds like you do have an RT-AC88U, not an RT-AX88U. The firmware is all the proof you'd need, since the hardware is completely different between the two, so there's no way they could have flashed the wrong firmware.


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Yep, I knew it couldn't be a PC board swap or anything like that because the port configuration on the back is all AC88U. least Mercari should give me a full refund since I can prove that I got the wrong product.

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