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AC88U on 384.9 lost wifi almost everyday

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New Around Here

I am new to Merlin firmware. Used to have RT-N16 on Asus firmware which was working pretty well for almost 10 years. Now, with new AC88U flashed with Merlin 384.9, it worked fine for the first 10 days.

But all devices lost wifi connection yesterday evening. I did a power off/on to get everything back to normal.

After almost a day, it happened again. This time, I tried to log in and found all lan connections are fine, but no single wireless connection. It was on WiFi Smart Connect. I then changed it to regular wifi setup. Before rebooting, still no device can connect to wifi.

Did I do anything wrong? Is there any solution for it?

When you flashed the RMerlin firmware on the new router, did you do a full reset to factory defaults followed by a minimal and manual configuration of the router to secure it and connect to your ISP?

If you did not, follow the links below in my signature to put your router in a good/known state after flashing the RMerlin firmware. The readme file from RMerlin included with the firmware also states that a reset is required. Also, make sure you do not use a saved config file. A minimal and manual configuration to secure the router and connect to your ISP is a must.

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