Ac88u with lates merlin - Drops wifi, internet, cant connect to router

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So installed merlin yesterday and have had some issue forcing me to reboot the router a few times.

First my Homey lost connection and I noticed that no 2.4ghz was connected, a reboot fixed this.

The issue I had just now is that internet dropped via Wifi.
I couldnt connect to the router either via Wifi from my phone or my laptop connected directly into the router for 5 minutes.

After a while it started working again and I tried looking at the logs but I dont understand what to look for.
Can anyone help me understanding the issue I am having?

Attaching log, it dropped somewhere around 9.37 +- 1 minute, I was streaming youtube which could buffer a minute I guess.

It started working again around 9.43-44.

Edit: Couldnt upload a file but syslog is available here:


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Did you factory reset after installing Merlin?
If not, do that.

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I did since I couldnt login to it after installing it.

I did however do it that once by pressing the button, is it advised to do it inside the router also afterwards?


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It’s also possible that the reset caused the issue by enabling things like Airtime Fairness. Worth looking in Wi-fi Professional settings and turning that off as a starting point. Quite a few adapters don’t like it.
Per this article sometimes beam forming causes issues too so try those options if Airtime Fairness disabled doesn’t fix it.

Failing all that try a reset via the UI as you say.

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Airtime fairness is off and the rest looks good.

The real problem is that the router went inactive and couldnt be connected using WiFi or an eth cabel.

A reset might be last resort.

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