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I have a modem (in bridge mode) connected to my Asus router (with Merlin).
My modem has an ip of
My router has DHCP enabled and its ip address is

I also have Merlin set up with a VPN. If the VPN is disabled i can access the modem admin page ( without problem. However, once the VPN is enabled, I can no longer access the modem admin page. This makes sense to me sense the traffic is being routed thru the VPN

Is there a method using VPN director (or something else) that would allow access of the router admin page while using the VPN?

I am not sure if this is relevant or not, but I am also running a pihole as my DNS server


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Thanks for the reply. I have used VPN director for a few devices without problem. So when I encountered this problem the first thing I tried was to create a rule for local ip that routed it thru WAN. But that didnt work.

So I tried your suggestion to create a rule for remote ip routed thru the LAN. That works fine! But I really don’t know what I have done. Is there a reason that I should not do this (for example VPN leakage or privacy)?

Why is considered a remote IP and not a local IP? I have not found any explanations when I am googling for help on VPN director.


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The term "remote-ip" in the VPN Director can be misleading. It just means destination IP, whether that is actually local (physically nearby) or remote (physically distant). I personally would have preferred the VPN Director used source-ip and destination-ip rather than local-ip and remote-ip to avoid such confusion.


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Also, since the modem has an IP address of, you don't have to worry about any leaks, I believe. 10.x.x.x is a non-routable IP address. What that means is that if it is "sent out", it will be ignored. There are certain IP/ranges of IP addresses that are defined as non-routable. Many internal/private networks use these non-routable addresses so that all devices don't need unique IP addresses. Google search is your friend:


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