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Access to PC connected to bridge WiFi


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I have just completed the following setup:
Fiber modem -> Cable -> Asus AC68U -> WiFi 2.4 GHz ->Asus AC66U_B1 -> Cable -> MediaCenter
My media center only supports cabled network connections, thus I purchased a 2nd Asus router to act as a media bridge. My problem is now that I can't connect to the MediaCenter from a laptop which connects via WiFi to the Asus AC68U (primary router). I can ping the media center, RTT is 2 ms, but when I type in the IP address of the media center in Putty and connects, I just receive the error messages: Connection refused.

The media bridge router is using default (media bridge) configuration. Do I need to setup NAT on the media bridge router? Or do you have other suggestions to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,

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