Access to thorough Traffic Analyzer data?

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I'm on an RT-AC68U with but I think this question will apply to most WRT routers. The Traffic Analyzer app in the web GUI shows a breakdown of traffic by device, by app, and sometimes by destination server. It does this with pretty graphs and tables for the "Top 5" devices and protocols.

Is there a way to go beyond the top 5 and get a full report and/or is there access to the complete raw data (by device, protocol, destination) somewhere on the file system or through a command line tool ?


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On the traffic analyzer page it shows top 5 by default but there's a drop-down menu you can change "All Clients" to another connected device and it will show stats for that one.

From the System logs > Connections tab you can also see all connections to a particular client but it's just IP addresses and connection state.

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