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Just received my WCB6200Q bonded 2.0 wireless extender, and do not think it's ready for primetime (sort of like the ECB6200s before the new firmware).

Specifically, on large file transfers over wifi the speed will drop from 50 MBps to zero for 2 seconds or so before climbing back up again. This makes it pretty much unsuitable for streaming. To make sure it was an issue with the WCB6200Q, I connected a separate 802.11ac AP to one of the WCB6200Q's gigabit ports. Then I connected my client to the 802.11ac AP. There was no drop in the speed of a large file transfer.

The issue looked like it might have been something to do with the buffer. But, when I called Actiontec, the tech support person flatly denied that the extender had any buffers at all, which I find VERY hard to believe. Even basic cheap switches will have buffers to handle congestion. Another clue is that the WCB6200Q comes with 128 MB of SDRAM and has QOS support.

Regardless of the root of the problem, I wouldn't recommend purchasing the extender until the above issue has been resolved.
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