Adaptive QoS - is there a way to force classification of packets

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Victor Araujo

New Around Here
Recently I’ve started playing a new game on on my iPhone (Arena of Valor) and I noticed some ping spikes even though the game uses very little bandwidth.

After some investigation using the QoS Statistics, I think that the adaptive QoS is not classifying the packets as Gaming (which in my setup, is set as the top priority) and that may be the cause that I’m experiencing some lag spikes.

Also, I have Apps Analysis enabled on the Bandwidth Monitor and it displays the game traffic as “General”.

Is there any way to force ASUSWRT-Merlin to consider the game’s packets as Gaming?

Router model: RT-AC68U
Firmware version: 380.69
QoS type: Adaptive QoS
Queue discipline: fq_codel

Thanks in advance and sorry if I made any mistakes, this is my first post here!

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