Adaptive QoS; Tracking in AP Mode

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I have a RT-AX88U running the very stable 384.19 firmware. I've switched from Comcast to FIOS (w/TV) and put the G3100 router as my primary with the RT-AX88U in AP Mode.

Is there a way to enable Website Tracking within the RT-AX88U while in AP Mode? I'd like to monitor my kid's "school-issued" Chromebook while she's remote learning. The school's admin policy has the Chromebook's web history locked/greyed out.

If it's not possible in AP Mode, is there a workaround such as configuring the AX88U to run in "router" mode, but have it manually configured to act as an AP and MAC Filter her Chromebook to only connect to the RT-AX88U and hopefully setup the tracking? I realize I'm shooting for the moon here, but figure I'd ask. If that is possible, any guidance for which settings to adjust would be welcomed and appreciated (e.g., DHCP disabled, etc.).

Within the G3100, there's no device specific website logging that I can find; however, I can setup URL rules by device by blocking specific sites and/or blocking all sites but only allowing X, Y, and Z through.

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Why don't you just put the G3100 router to Bridge Mode and use Router Mode on the RT-AX88U?


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Thanks for the response. Bear with me... If I set the G3100 into Bridge mode, if I'm not mistaken, don't I lose wireless functionality to be able to extend the WiFi coverage throughout the house (another factor)... thus likely needing a third "router"?

I've always had two routers (1 as router, 1 as AP) due to the house being three stories.

  • Basement = ONT, G3100, Data closet (w/CAT5 & coax runs)
  • 1st Floor = RT-AX88U in AP mode (hardwired back to G3100, LAN port to LAN port).
  • 1st Floor = In a separate room, master STB connected via coax. CAT5 is available here via an 8-port switch (running back to the Basement closet).
  • 2nd Floor = STB box connected via coax. Hardline not available where STB is located.

I read about issues with VOD, channel guide, remote DVR playback, etc., which is why I placed the G3100 first. Apparently, option 8 from is a/"the?" workable solution to maintain remote DVR playback using the Asus as primary.

I'm probably missing something obvious and certainly open to feedback as I'm still trying to absorb this. Heck, back in my old sysop days, I'd learn most of the modem init settings to make my modem dial faster, force various connection types, etc., I should be able to pick this up (I hope). :)
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