Add Access point to RT-AX88U

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New Around Here
Hi Group,

A happy AX88 user here. FW3. Everything seems to run smoothly and my kids seem to love the fact that I can turn off Wi-Fi and put schedules *evil grin*.
One question however….
I recently connected a Linksys LAPAC 1750 and it seems that I cannot block certain devices (for example minor daughter) connected.
I can slow down internet speed on that LAPAC but that affects everybody on that Access Point.

Is there a setting that I am overlooking?

Your help is greatly appreciated to guide me in the correct direction and apologies should this question be already asked before.
Thank you


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
If clients connecting to that AP have their MAC spoofed, then there isn't much you can do. From the main router's point of view, I suspect all clients connected to the AP are seen as all sharing the repeater's MAC address.

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