Adding a Router to a Mains Extender

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I have no idea of the correct terminology but I have a TP Link device that puts the internet into a ring main. It’s a TL-WPA8630P.

I have a virgin media hub (Modem only), going to an ASUS Router (ASUS RT-AC86U) which improves the reach a lot. I still have a bit of a dead spot.

I take the signal from the ASUS router and put it into the TP Link device and the put the other TP Link device in the dead spot. I think I might improve it further if I could take a cable from the second device to another router.

When I plug in a Netgear router (R7000) it says it’s not getting internet. I.e. the internet light stays solid orange.

Can anyone offer advice please?


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Have you confirmed that you have a working internet connection when you plug a PC into the TP-Link at the dead spot location?

Assuming that is working log into the R7000 and configure it as an Access Point as described on page 83 of the manual. Leave the IP address as Dynamic.

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