Adding DNS Servers To DoT Preset Server List

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How can I add DNS servers to the DoT preset servers list?

I was able to do this under john's fork but for the looks of it things have changed much as the process I once used seem to no longer apply. Perhaps I've forgotten something but to my luck I'm unable to find some of my older posts in here.

I have enabled jffs. is not present. Once I ran that I then was able to edit stubby-resolvers.csv under jffs/etc/ and add DNS servers to the list.

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Going over the router web UI, I come to see that there is a graphical way to adding DoT servers. Could it be this easy. Time to test it out.


It was that easy. Look at that. There I was all SSH-ing into the router. :)
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ssh... don't let everyone know! :D

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