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Hello and good day! I'm continuing my efforts to explore/implement performance monitoring features and now focused on adding postfix for emailing reports. Postfix installed and main.cf configured but having error:
postfix restart
postfix: fatal: file /opt/etc/postfix/main.cf: parameter default_privs: unknown user name value: nobody

"nobody" exists in system file:
cat /etc/passwd

Groups command also doesn't see "nobody"
groups nobody
groups: unknown user nobody

No sure if related, but I've edited the following files and all accounts including the system account used for router GUI and SSH access (created duing initial device setup) groups command reports "unknown user":

Did I miss a step with account creation and initialization for use on router during peformance monitoring, report generation, cron jobs, etc.?

In advance, your consideration and gudiance is appreciated. Danny.
Hi Colin. Agreed with your observation and apologies for delayed responses.

My goal is to setup a firewall and integrate with my Asus router to monitor and report daily/usual network performance and activity. Likely stating the obovious, but my questions and forum member responses usually leads me down additional paths of technical research, trial/error (mostly error! :cool: ), and repeat. I'm researching/learning multiple (FreeBSD? OpnSense? pfSense? Entware?) topics and some times I lose track of my original idea/question or in this case thread.

But no excuse for failing to promptly reply to forum members taking the time to respond with suggestions for help and I will do so in the future versus immediately chasing suggested solution.

In advance, thanks for your continued understanding and support. Danny.
It would be helpful if you added your router model and firmware version to your signature. Some options are only available on certain hardware/firmware combinations.
Got it, excellent suggestion, and done! ...
Thanks for updating your signature with that information.

I see you're running stock Asus firmware. That might limit the amount of useful feedback you get because most of the users in these forums use Merlin's firmware.
I considered upgrading to Merlin firmware, but my reseach shows my device isn't supported ... is this correct?
Merlin doesn't directly support that model but there is a port by GNUton for the XT8. See the sticky post in the Merlin forum:

Most scripts/info you find in these forums rely on features added by the Merlin firmware. That's why you got the error message when you tried to install the WireGuard script.
Gudiance and prompt response appreicated! That definately explains many of my errors and the GNUton Merlin firmware port (thanks for sharing) is a consideration ... after a quick read, I few quick questions if I port to GNUton for XT8:
1. Is a separate support forum
2. GNUton (manual) firmware updates follows Asus frmware release ... correct?
3. Is this the correct link to learn about GNUton Merlin firmware ports, features, install, etc., https://github.com/RMerl/asuswrt-merlin.ng/wiki/About-Asuswrt
2. GNUton (manual) firmware updates follows Asus frmware release ... correct?

They follow Asuswrt-Merlin firmware releases. This firmware is an official Asuswrt-Merlin fork.

You have a pfSense firewall though. You have to decide what do you want to use and how. Both - not really needed.
Got it and clarification/gudiance appreciated! Per your (and Colin ... thanks!) insight, I'm actively reviewing requirements, planning, and downloads for firmware flash to GNUton ... what's the file identifed as RT-AXE95Q_388.2_2_0-gnuton1_puresqubi.w.md5 and what it its role in the firmware flash? Also looks like its recommended to reset to factory settings after firmware flash ... will I be able to import saved configuration settings or should I reenter all settings?

In advance, your consideration and response are appreciated!
You need the firmware .w file, the other .md5 is a checksum file. Better reset to factory defaults and re-configure manually.

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