AdGuard + Unbound from Pi2 to AX56U

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Trying to transition my Unbound + AdGuard setup from a standalone install on an old Pi2 to fully integrated into my AX56U router. I have everything all up and running on my AX56U, but I noticed the router seemed to struggle processing wise. The Pi2 would take a couple minutes to fully process the block lists, 10 in total. The AX56U on the other hand was 10 minutes or more - in that time the web UI would lockup, WiFi may drop, and I assume AdGuard crashed since the logs showed it being restarted a couple of times.

I expected the router to be a bit slower, but not this bad. Been happy with the Pi2 doing the DNS work, just wanted to try an all-in-on setup. I'm assuming I need a better router like an AX86U for AdGuard to run well, thoughts?


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Thanks for confirmation. I'm sure my list count is not helping the issue, and most certainty has redundancy. Thinking I will stick with the Pi2 doing the DNS work for now. Maybe wait for be / Wifi 7 routers to arrive, or get a AX86U on clearance or used.

AdGuard DNS filter 48,579
AdAway Default Blocklist 7,365
OISD Blocklist Full 337,284
Steven Black's List 171,078
Dandelion Sprout's Anti-Malware List 14,193
The Big List of Hacked Malware Web Sites 13,478
Malicious URL Blocklist (URLHaus) 24,073
HaGeZi - Multi Pro Protection 450,007
HaGeZi - Threat Intelligence Feeds 607,115
HaGeZi - Personal 14,310


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Stick with either the OISD Full or Hagezi Pro list.

They are both compiled/made up of the other lists you have there - so many duplicate entries.

This will help immensely.

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