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Hello Sir,

The Ads on the right hand side are occupying lots of space which in turn is reducing the forum threads reading area.. If you also observe the space underneath the Ads is just empty.

i suggest you please find some alternative in posting the Ads.
Hello and welcome to the forums, drvoip. Other members have voiced their displeasure with the ads in the past. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. You, like all spammers, are not.

Forum profile crafted for maximum SEO benefit? (name, sig, homesite) Check.
Recent influx of forum registrations? Check.
Blatant copy/paste threads? Of course.
You have one reply and 8 threads, of which maybe two are on topic/relevant (including this one). Your loss will be endurable.

Nobody likes ads. If banner ads brought in sufficient revenue, then in all likelihood less ads would be used. But here's the problem: as far as I can tell, drvoip isn't paying for legitimate advertising, they are either spamming or hiring someone to spam for them (IP resolves to India, which is pretty far from Carlsbad, CA). More businesses purchasing banner advertising would increase demand, and in turn, drive up revenues. But not only is drvoip not paying for advertising, they're leeching resources on other sites to serve as their own advertising. Pretty lousy to complain about ads when you're using the site to support your own business.

Hopefully spam activities will drive customers away from drvoip. I know I wouldn't engage in business with a spammer. Regardless, he not SNB's problem anymore.
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