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New Around Here
Hello everyone.

I would like to explain my "situation".

I have a pc (xD), a xbox360 and an external hard disk usb.
The usb disk containts wmv videos that the xbox360 can play.
Well, when i have to copy new videos to the usb disk i have to
disconnect the disk from xbox360 and connect to pc. :S :S :(

I think in a disk with ethernet lan, in a htpc, in a NAS,....

1º. Compatible with XBOX360. (Twonky emmbed, by example).
2º. Fast. I have videos in HD. (8 GB).
3º. Compatible whit big files, NTFS, Ext3, HFS+,...
4º. It can buy in Spain or in a online shop that works in Spain.
5º. Low Price :D

Which id ideal for me??

"Low price"? Not if you want the fastest speed units. Unless you build one yourself and put something like Ubuntu server on it.

You could buy a Synology 209+ which will do everything you need and more. Not cheap though.
Hello, It´s more expensive for me :(

I am looking for something "to home".

My requeriments are "top".


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