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I currently have an RT-AX88U with fibre broadband for primary wan and a 4g connection for secondary wan. The setup works and fails over promptly when the primary wan fails.

When the primary wan fails here it flips between stable and unstable. Rarely does it go down completely.

I am having trouble understanding what would be a sufficient value for the detect interval and the failback trigger condition to stop my connection failing back to the primary wan when the primary is experiencing issues.

Currently I have set:
detect interval: 5 seconds
failback trigger condition: 15
networking monitoring: ping
ping target:

Tonight I have been experiencing issues on the primary (connection intermittent) and successfully failed over to the secondary. However, after a few minute it would failback to the primary again, then bounce back to secondary.

I thought this might be due to the primary coming back online for short periods and dropping out again so I tried increasing the failback trigger condition to 30 / 45 / 60 yet the connection still bounces between connections.

I then disconnected my primary (in bridge mode) and connected it directly to a laptop. I got a 169.x.x.x address (consistent with the log errors stating isp dhcp not working).

So I'm wondering at this point why is the router disconnecting the secondary and trying the primary again when the primary has no valid ip? Sure the failback criteria are not being met at this point and no reconnection to the primary should be made?

I then restarted primary (still connected to laptop) and obtained an ip but couldn't route traffic (I'm guessing due to isp issues as experienced earlier).

I left primary unplugged from the router but still the router is trying to failback to the primary after short periods of time.

If I connect directly to the 4g via cable the connection is stable and does not intermittently drop out.

What is going on with the failover / failback connection?

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