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Advice: GT-AX11000, GT-AXE11000 or GT-AX11000 Pro

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New Around Here
Hello. I’m upgrading my network and I need some advice. I’m more concerned with my current device connectivity needs than future proofing.

I’m looking at the GT-AX11000, GT-AXE11000 or GT-AX11000 Pro (when it becomes available); the GT-AX16000 is out of my budget. I will likely need to continue using AiMesh for coverage (1900 sq. ft. block) and need a switch for the wired devices – looking at the Netgear GS308.

Would using my existing RT-AC88U and/or Blue Caves as nodes be detrimental to the new router's capabilities? The RT-AC88U would be wired backhaul and hopefully the only node needed in the new configuration.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

My current setup:
Comcast Internet 800 Mbps
Arris Surfboard SB8200 3.1.

RT-AC88U (46 Clients) – using 1-USB-3: WD Passport 4TB, 1-USB-2: Flash Drive for Traffic History,
Blue Cave 1 (8 Clients) – back of the house - wired backhaul.
Blue Cave 2 (2 Clients) – outside shed - wireless backhaul.

Wired Clients: Apple TV 4K (3), Laptops (1), Samsung TV 4K (3)

Wireless Clients:
Wyze Cameras (16), WeMo Light Switches (18), Apple TV 4K (1), Samsung TV 4K (1), Appliances (4), Apple iPhone 12+ (4), Laptops (1), Printer (1), Miscellaneous Devices (3).

Data Usage:
Avg Monthly Data: 3,310 GB. Streaming (70%), Gaming (5%), Laptop (15%), Wyze (5%), Other (5%).

Proposed upgrade:
Comcast Internet 1200 Mbps, Arris Surfboard SB8200 3.1.

Router and AiMesh upgrade.

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