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Hi all. I am about to renovate my 1500 sq ft apartment, and I have to decide where to place the ceiling-mounted wireless AP(s) so that the contractor can run the required cables.

The walls between the rooms are generally 100 mm (4") thick concrete, and the bold walls are 300 mm (12") thick reinforced concrete. There should only be about 15-20 clients connected.

I am considering between the TP-Link EAP620 HD, Unifi U6 Pro, and Aruba Instant On AP22.

Grateful for advice on whether 2 wireless APs (the red Xs) are necessary or a single wireless AP (blue X) will suffice. Any advice on which wireless AP would be a good choice is much appreciated too.

Many thanks!

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Have you had any APs in this apartment before ?
If so , where were they located and where were the dead spots ?

If the walls are 100mm concrete, i would not expect much penetration by 2.4 GHz and certainly none by 5 GHz. Too much water in the concrete.

What is the ceiling construction - drop down or suspended ceiling using metal framing ?

If no previous experience, the general open areas should be ok with the left hand side red AP or the blue location on 5 GHz.
i would place an AP spot in each of the bedrooms and run 5 Ghz only. Pick an AP with the ability to reduce the power level.


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Thanks for the input! It is a resale apartment, and we have no prior information or experience. The ceiling will be a false ceiling (gypsum boards secured with metal framing).

Would you have any recommendations for small in-wall APs for bedrooms?


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search on "omada" here should provide some discussion. Several remark favourably on the Omada series.
i would stay consistent with brands across the hardware/software if possible. Wifi6 is still evolving, so something to consider.

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2 wireless APs (the red Xs) are necessary or a single wireless AP (blue X) will suffice.

It depends on what kind of speeds you're expecting as you move further away from the AP. If you're looking for coverage / connectivity a single AP should be fine but, doubling up can get you faster speeds in more places.

I'm running a NWA210AX from Zyxel in 1300 sq ft and it covers everything pretty well w/ drywall / steel walls. I put it in the center of the living room where it's used most and there are bedrooms on each side of the LR and a patio. In the living room I can hit 1.5gbps to the internal network using 160mhz on AX. The AP has a 2.5ge port on it and it can be used either POE or AC adapter.

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