Advice request: Firmware for Netgear R7800

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I am looking for advice on which firmware I should use, or a pros/cons list for stock, Voxel, DD-Wrt, other?

Background: I've been using the same modem and router for nearly a decade (I know, I know). I'm on (USA) cable internet up to 150Mbps, but never get above 50, because we didn't need more so let our hardware be outdated. We were using a Zoom 5341J modem and TP-Link WR740N router on DD-Wrt all this time which let us have QoS and a guest log-in, and the ability to block things from the kids if we needed, originally to stop a friend from torrenting during movie nights...
Now I've had 2 schoolkids and a spouse teaching from home and the internet is dropping out so I realized we needed to update.

So I bought a Motorola MD7621 24x8 modem and a Nighthawk X4S AC2600. But I don't know if it's worth going thru the hoops for DD-Wrt, or leave it stock, or do something else like Voxel's well-regarded firmware.

Wants: Seperate log-in for guests for privacy and QoS, maybe a seperate one for the kids/specific devices so streaming videos for the family or 3 teaching zoom meetings simultaneously don't lag, We have had up to 10+ seperate devices going online on movie nights. The ability to monitor and block parts of the internet. Good reach for house/yard (+100ft). Ability to finally plug my external hard drive directly into the router instead of my laptop when I want to watch something saved on it. Steady connection, it's been frustrating for the teacher here to regularly reset the devices when the internet was dropping and I promised I'd fix that. Security, I like to set my own passwords, and I'd like a VPN option for the future.

Anything I'm missing? What's worked for your household?
Thanks in advance!


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I would without a doubt recommend you Voxels firmware. It is easy to use, have the same interface as Netgears stock, but faster, more reliable and allot better reach and no downsides at all. I speak for the R9000 as I use, but I have not seen a unhappy user really and its many people here using the r7800 with Voxel.

I would also ask @kamoj in PM if you could get in on his beta testing for his great addon. It is a really stable beta and it will help you with ease to customise the router after your needs. VPN, check with a click or two. With a click or two you will have adguard home that brings allot of good stuffs for a parent where you easy can set up some rules for your kids, as safe surfing, get rid of adds and allot more. This is just the tip off the iceberg what you will get and I dont want to spoil the fun for you to find out everything you will get:)

Give it a try you won't be sorry.

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