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advice required wireless router or ap to stream media

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I would appreciate if you could give me some advice I am using a cable modem with a draytek vigor 2100v router, at the moment building a multimedia nas server to stream music, films and photos. Please could you tell me if it is better just to buy an access point or go for a new wireless router whichever is best can you make a recommendation. After looking through your excellent site I realise there are limitations at the moment to streaming HD material via wireless.
Speaking purely to wireless, a [wireless] router isn't any different than an access point. Specifications aside, they'll both do the same thing for you. If there isn't really anything wrong with your current router, you might as well just get an access point. One of the benefits of a separate access point is that you have more flexibility as to the location of the unit, which could help you achieve better signal strength depending where it goes. You can also re-use it easily should you ever decide to upgrade your router and use it in different scenarios.

Doesn't really matter, if you dont need to replace your router dont bother.

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