Skynet After upgrade to 386.2_2, firewall (skynet) gives syntax error

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I upgraded to asus merlin 386.2_2 today on my AC86U router. Ran AMTM and did option EP & U to update everything. When I type in firewall <enter>, I get the following error message:

/jffs/scripts/firewall: /tmp/mnt/ENTWARE/skynet/skynet.cfg: line 1: syntax error: unexpected "("

I am unable to reinstall because as soon as I execute the curl command, a new firewall script is downloaded and upon execution (firewall -install) I immediately get the error above.

I've done a vi firewall search using the find command (/) for skynet.cfg and all 3 lines where skynet.cfg exists look correct.

Not sure how to proceed from here.



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Delete the config file.
rm /tmp/mnt/ENTWARE/skynet/skynet.cfg


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Renamed it to .old and ran firewall. just indicated can't open skynet.cfg.
Ran the curl command to reinstall the firewall.
Ran firewall & indicated can't open skynet.cfg
renamed it back to skynet.cfg
Ran firewall & had original error.


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Renamed skynet.cfg to skynet.cfg.old
touch skynet.cfg
firewall seems to work now.

Thank you

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