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AI Mesh won't work through a switch?

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nvm....the switch has a specific port which is faulty LOL

delete this thread plz

For reference, AiMesh usually won't work through a standard switch for wired backhaul if you are using Guest Network 1, as it requires 802.1Q VLAN trunking. Some dumb switches do support passing these frames, but it is rare and can be problematic at larger packet/frame sizes. Best to use a smart switch like Netgear 305e or 308e ($15 and $27 respectively) and configure the ports to pass tagged vlans 501/502/503 (503 is only needed on routers with dual 5ghz radios).

If you aren't using GW1 then it will work fine, but you don't get segmentation for Guest Wireless 2 and 3 on the nodes, they will be on the main LAN effectively.
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