[AiCloud 2.0] LG TV can't stream from USB HDD RT-AC68U @ 384.16

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Guys, my LG 55LM860V TV just lost the "streaming" function from the attached USB HDD on my RT-AC68U.
TV is connected to the same wifi network via RT-AC68U and has internet access.
The AICloud 2.0 / Cloud Disk in ON but I can't see the router attached USB HDD as a device on my SmartShare / Linked Device list on my LG TV's list.
So, I can't stream any of my files...

I'm not sure but I was able to stream the downloaded files on my router attached USB HDD up to new year and then updated all the Merlin firmwares happily.
Unfortunately, I've realized that I can't even see & stream my USB HDD files anymore.
(can connect to the USB HDD on my Notebook over the same network)

Checked all other options but there seems to be nothing wrong. TV can access the internet but can't see the RT-AC68U attached USB HDD on the wifi network. I'm sure that my TV can previously identify & even had an icon of RT-AC68U on SmartShare / Linked Devices list before so that I can select & access all of my files on the USB HDD over wifi... Help ?


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Did your TV do an update of its own? Possibly changing some pertinent options?


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No, it's fairly an old TV, not getting updates anymore... it's definitely related to the router.
Happened after the latest updates but I can't decide which version.


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Is the option under USB Application>Servers Center>Media Server enabled?


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