AiMesh 2.4GHz network drops every couple of miniutes

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I have an RT-AX88U running AiMesh with an RT-AC68U as a node using a wired backhaul.
The system is running in AP mode plugged in to my firewall which is the default gateway.

When I connect two laptops both running pings to the AX88U and my firewall, the 5GHz runs fine, the 2.4GHz drops the pings every few minutes for 4 or 5 pings.
I have noticed that the ping time on the 2.4GHz network seems to rise just before the packet loss, sometimes greater than 2000ms.

I am running the latest stock firmware, only changes I have made is to select channels for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks to a free channel.
I tried switching the channel selection back to auto but this did not make any difference.

Anyone have any ideas as I have tried all sorts including factory reset etc etc

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