AiMesh and Roomba

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I’m currently looking into buying a Roomba s9+. And discovered that Roomba might not be able to roam between APs. I read that multiple customers have complained about Roomba disconnecting from AmpliFi router’s mesh WiFi, but not much regarding AiMesh. I don’t think one AP can cover the entire floor in my case so a Roomba needs to be handed over to another AP during a vacuum session.
Can anyone share about their experience of using a Roomba that connects to an AiMesh WiFi?


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Unless you want to monitor the Roomba via Wi-Fi while it is working it doesn't need to be connected all the time. The SLAM it does to navigate is all internal.

We have an i7+ and it might drop out of contact in a far corner of the house, but it doesn't update job details until it gets back to base anyway.


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[...]We have an i7+ and it might drop out of contact in a far corner of the house[...]
Does the far corner have any Wi-Fi coverage in the first place? That is also to ask, does i7+ drop because it cannot roam between APs, or because there's just no Wi-Fi?

If it drops simply because there's no Wi-Fi, I'd still like to know if a Roomba can roam between APs.


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I'll run a test and see if it roams to another access point. I've never paid attention as it doesn't really have much impact on the cleaning.

I'll let you know what I find.


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Alright. I put Roomba at one end of the house and told him to clean a room at the other end.

He started out connected to my AiMesh node near his starting point and headed out to come to the office.
Once into the office at the other end of the house he roamed to the AIMesh router that is in that room.

Robot hardware: i7+
Robot software: 3.12.8

Router hardware: AC-86U
Router software: Merlin 386.1 release

Chicken scratch note from my iPad of the basic layout of APs and where Roomba started and finished.
House Map.jpg

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