AiMesh between WiFi 5/6 routers

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Has anyone setup a Aimesh between WiFi5/6?

I have a WiFi 5 router (AC5300) and planning to setup a AiMesh network and was thinking of a pair of RT-AX92U. Both routers are tri-band however the main primary router (AC5300) is based on the WiFi 5 standard.

Would this setup work?


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Dong Knows Tech ( suggested that you avoid mixing up routers with different WiFi standards, but I don't remember the reason for this. I had a similar set-up to you with a main RT-AC5300 and a RT-AX92u node, but I noticed that the AX92u router was not as powerful as the RT-AC5300 on the specs. It only had 2x2 stream, while the AC5300 has a 4x4 stream.

Note: if the AX92u is used in AiMesh wirelessly (with a wireless backhaul and not wired), then the AX92u is a WiFi 5 router (as the third-band is both the only WiFi 6 band and the only backhaul band (to my knowledge)).

If you're in Canada, the AC5300s are on sale in a lot of places so I'd suggest picking one of those up!

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