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Just added an RP-AX56 mesh node with a wireless backhaul to my RT-AX86U network. Was working great, but I noticed a couple of wifi light switches were moving back and for between the the two (causing dhcp deauth reason unknown events, and 30sec outage on device while it reconnected), I decided to bind everything that was not mobile on the network (~60 devices). This was working great. Then out of curiosity I hit the Optimization button. This seemed to unbind everything on the RT-AX86U, and now I can't bind anything. I can still bind things on the RP-AX56. When I try to bind devices that are currently connected to the RP-AX56, it does move to the RT-AX86U and says in a popup message that it is is bound, however the icon does not change to the unbind icon, and it still continues to jump between the two. I have tried restarting the router. I'm using Merlin version 386.7_2 on the router.
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I logged in with ssh and found...

nvram get sta_binding_list


When I removed the "80,undefined" It seems to be working again

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