AiMesh channel change cron job

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Hi all, long time lurker first time poster.

I've recently upgraded my home network with an RT-AX88 and RT-AX92u to improve my coverage, although I have recently discover AiMesh might not be the best choice?

Is it possible to utilise the nvram cli in some simple shell script in conjunction with AiMesh to discover the node back-haul channel and ssh into the node to change the WiFi channel to something else?


For this simple example I run the following commands on my master node to discover the channel and change 1 node. I ssh into the master node and discover its on channel 36/160mhz bandwidth, I guess in theory the child node channel should be 52?

nvram show|grep wl1_chlist|awk -F= '{print $2}'
nvram show|grep wl1_chanspec|awk -F= '{print $2}'

ssh [username]:[password]@[node ip] -m

[email protected]:/tmp/home/root# nvram show|grep wl1_chlist|awk -F= '{print $2}'
size: 64781 bytes (66291 left)
36 40 44 48 52 56 60 64 100 104 108 112 116 120 124 128 132 136 140
[email protected]:/tmp/home/root# nvram show|grep wl1_chanspec|awk -F= '{print $2}'
size: 64781 bytes (66291 left)
[email protected]:/tmp/home/root#ssh user:p[email protected] -m
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